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I Care If You Listen Raves About THE CURRENTS

currents_album_coverNorman Cahn at I Care If You Listen had some very nice things to say about Michael Mizrahi’s solo piano album, Currents, particularly with regard to Sarah’s The Currents:

Sarah Kirkland Snider’s 2013 eponymously titled piece, The Currents, effectively avoids indulging emotion, favoring subtle atmospheric suggestion, true to 19th century impressionism. Flowing lyricism in the upper registers are accompanied by brooding ostinato from the left hand. The piece, however, is not without its surprises. On several occasions, the tone changes in unprepared modulation. Mizrahi’s performance breathes life to the notes at these moments with abrupt dynamic and temporal shifts. At times tempestuous, at others placid, The Currents is a force of nature—both monsoon and mild breeze.”  

–Norman Cahn, I Care If You Listen, August 16, 2016

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