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Pianist Nicholas Phillips Releases Recording of THE CURRENTS

imagePianist Nicholas Phillips released a commercial recording of solo piano music today, Impressions, that included Sarah’s “The Currents” (which was also released earlier this year by pianist Michael Mizrahi.) Impressions contains solo piano music written in the last decade by Judd Greenstein, Nico Muhly, Mark Olivieri, Carter Pann, Jonathan Pieslak, Joel Puckett, and Sarah Kirkland Snider, as well as pieces written for Phillips by Lucas Floyd and Stacy Garrop.  Physical CDs will be available on and from the artist.  Digital tracks and albums on iTunes, etc. Recorded on a Yamaha CFX June, 2016, at Yamaha Artist Services, New York. Nicholas Phillips recently joined the Classical Pianists roster as a Yamaha Artist.

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