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Interview with Steve Smith and The Log Journal

The Log Journal‘s Steve Smith sat down with Sarah and Nathaniel Bellows (Unremembered lyricist and illustrator) to talk about Unremembered in advance of its New York debut at Le Poisson Rouge March 19.

Here’s a clip:

SMITH: That was something I wanted to ask you about, the sensation of having something that you created fed back to you through the prism of somebody else’s understanding and sympathy.

BELLOWS: As you can tell, the poems were very personal, and everything that I write is very personal. But it didn’t feel like her being like, “I’m telling your story.” She had ingested, internalized, and then reproduced almost her own biography through it. The ownership is still there, but it’s broadened. And I just feel so grateful for that, because I’d never had that experience before. The poems that are specifically my experience still feel like they’re my experience, but now they’re her experience. And listening to these people sing it: Shara sings one song or David sings one song, and now it’s their experience. It makes me feel like whatever risk was at stake here was worth it.

You can read the full interview here.

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