Sara Kirkland Snider ~ Composer of Music
New Amsterdam Records

New Amsterdam Presents is an artists’ service organization that supports the public’s engagement with new music by composers and performers whose work grows from the fertile ground between genres. New Amsterdam places this music in the public eye through the presentation of festivals, series, tours, and other live events that bring together artists who embody this spirit of openness, grounded in musical traditions of depth and substance, forging new ties between formerly disparate musical languages and approaches to music-making.

New Amsterdam Records is the for-profit record label subsidiary of New Amsterdam Presents. New Amsterdam Records helps to spread the awareness of this music through the release and promotion of premiere commercial recordings of new compositions, written and performed by highly-trained musicians with diverse musical backgrounds. Through these releases, New Amsterdam acts as a conduit between musicians and the public, promoting a wider awareness of these artists’ sophisticated, adventurous new music with an open embrace of the latest technological and cultural trends. Through a distribution relationship with Naxos of America, New Amsterdam has brought new music to thousands of listeners in a wide variety of formats and platforms. For its efforts, the label has been called ”the focal point of the post-classical scene” by Time Out NY and “emblematic of an emerging generation” by the New York Times.

Over the past several years, the New Amsterdam Records catalogue has grown to include dozens of artists, including soloists and orchestras, small and large ensembles, big bands and rock bands, pop vocalists, opera singers, and electronic musicians. Far from crafting a label “sound,” this diverse catalogue reflects New Amsterdam’s commitment to supporting and nurturing projects that wholly fulfill the intent of their creators, disregarding existing genre norms and open to all influences from the entire world of music. The label specializes in music without filters, made by musicians who bring the breadth of their listening experience and the love they have for many different kinds of music into their own playing, writing, and producing – music without walls, without an agenda, and without a central organizing principle.

The critical response to this new model has been outstanding, with label and artist features on NPR’s All Things ConsideredWeekend Edition, and Studio 360, in prominent print publications such as Newsweek, the New York TimesNew York Magazine, the Los Angeles TimesAlarm Magazine, the Village Voice, and Time Out New York, and in online publications such as PitchforkThe Awl,PopMattersBlackBook, the Indie Handbooktextura, and NewMusicBox, in addition to album reviews and write-ups in hundreds of publications worldwide. Newsweek’s Seth Colter Walls called New Amsterdam “an upstart label that’s been releasing one quality disc after another since its founding”, and the Sunday New York Times lauded our first slate of releases in two separate year-end best-of articles.

New Amsterdam Presents and New Amsterdam Records are co-directed by William Brittelle, Judd Greenstein, and Sarah Kirkland Snider.

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