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Minnesota Post Interview

The Minnesota Post asked Sarah some questions about Unremembered, about which they say “Wrapped in Snider’s lush, expressive music, the poems become songs of innocence lost and wisdom gained. It’s like a gothic novel unfolding in the most delicious way.”

MP: “Unremembered” is incredibly beautiful. It’s also dark and haunting and sad. So is your earlier work “Penelope.” What draws you to the dark side, as a composer?

SKS: I think it’s investigation – wanting to better understand it, make sense of it, make peace with it. I think writing music is generally my way of finding order in a chaotic universe, and the universe is often a heartbreaking place. The past few years of my life have been intense ones – losing my father and other family members, and having two children, one of whom was born early and has had some challenges. But I think that even my darkest works have warmth and hope in them. I don’t think I can effectively render shadow without showing some light, and I’m equally interested in the light. I actually frequently find that it’s joyful music that makes me saddest.

Here’s the rest of the interview.

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