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Gertrude Stein Estate Permission Granted for STANZAS IN MEDITATION

Delighted to learn that the Gertrude Stein Estate granted me permission to use some of Stein’s text from her long poem, Stanzas in Meditation, for my 2005 piece by the same name, written for two sopranos and harp. (I wrote this piece in 2005 under the mistaken impression that the work was in the public domain, and it’s since languished on my desk, unperformable.) I wrote it as a student at Yale, but it actually remains one of my favorite things I’ve written, so I’m very happy it can now have a life away from my desk.

It will receive its next performance on April 26, 2018, as part of Illuminarts: A Female Force, a program inspired by the work of celebrated Cuban-American artist Ana Mendieta at the de la Cruz Collection in Miami, Florida.

Click here to read more about this piece on this site.

You can listen to a recording of the piece I made years ago with two of the brilliant Synergy Vocals vocalists, Micaela Haslam and Amanda Morrison, along with Louise Martin on harp.

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