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New York Premiere and NYT Review of SOMETHING FOR THE DARK

A New York premiere of an orchestral piece is always exciting, but a New York premiere alongside the world premiere of a reconstructed symphony by Julius Eastman is something altogether spectacular. I was  deeply honored to have my orchestral piece Something for the Dark performed by the Mannes Orchestra alongside Eastman’s Symphony No. 2 (edited by Luciano Chessa) and Rautevaara’s Symphony No. 3.

Of Something for the Dark, The New York Times wrote: “The concert opened with Sarah Kirkland Snider’s “Something for the Dark,” which also approaches sound as a vast, malleable substance. In this sophisticated piece, repetition transforms the emotional charge of musical motifs. A turn of phrase may appear pretty at first, then take on shades of nostalgia before registering as a creepy obsession haunting the ear. Ms. Snider skillfully draws a wide arc, with throbbing brass accents and slashing chords driving up tension. The work ends quietly, as if on a question.” You can read the whole article here.

Update, 1/6/19: The concert topped Log Journal and New Yorker critic Steve Smith’s Top 10 Memorable Music Moments of 2018: “In November, the composer and musicologist Luciano Chessa conducted a polished, committed Mannes Orchestra in the world-premiere account of Eastman’s Symphony No. 2, a fantastically scored aural chronicle of love, loss, and regret, newly edited by Chessa—and thoughtfully showcased among substantial pieces by Sarah Kirkland Snider and Einojuhani Rautavaara.”

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